Renaissance Press Photogravure

Renaissance Press Prints at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, "Historias: Latin American Works on Paper"

I am pleased to announce showing thru January 5, 2014 at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum is a recently curated exhibit Historias: Latin American Works on Paper.  The show includes prints made in collaboration with artists Gerardo Suter, Milagros de la Torre, Luis Gonzalez Palma and Paul Taylor, Director of Renaissance Press.  The prints were published and produced by Renaissance Press in association with Alafot International. 

Artists Links

Milagros de la Torre:  “Milagros de la Torre”,  Galeria Cefvigo, “Milagros de la Torre”,  John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation  and  “Observed”: Milagros de la Torre at The Americas Society

Gerardo Suter:  “doc-umental”,  Gerardo Suter: Labyrinths of Memory at The Americas Society and Gerardo Suter,  “Mexico City, The Penultimate Region”

 Luis Gonzalez Palma:  Luis González Palma,  Art Museum of the Americas, Washington,  Luis Gonzalez Palma, “LIght and Darkness, song and scream, the photographic work of Luis Gonzalez Palma”,