Renaissance Press Photogravure

Copper Plate Photogravure Workshop Review - Emily Macaux

Paul Taylor’s workshop in copper plate photogravure was, quite simply, extraordinary. Over the course of five intense and inspiring days, Paul initiated us into this rich, intricate, and utterly beautiful process. Drawing on his singular breadth and depth of experience, Paul revealed to us the beauty in the complexity of copper plate image making. Following a step-by-step overview of his unique digital linearization process and detailed demonstrations of exposing, etching, and inking, Paul challenged us to dive independently into the process. Emphasizing the interdependence of art and technique, he encouraged us to think freely about, and engage deeply with, every aspect of the photogravure process; he thoroughly prepared us to independently explore both its infinite possibilities and its exciting challenges.

Paul’s workshop was a revelatory experience for me as an artist—it radically expanded my sense of artistic possibility and reignited my passion to create. I left feeling profoundly energized and eager to apply all that I’d learned in the creation of new work. I cannot thank Paul enough for all that he gave of both knowledge and inspiration.