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Co-published Projects

  • Kenro Izu - Angor Wat - A portfolio of tweleve photogravure prints. Copublished by The Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC, The Kiyasato Museum of Photography, Japan and Renaissance Press
  • Kiki Smith - Moon Three - A suite of three prints. Co-published by Columbia University, New York. Pace Edition, NYC and Renaissance Press
  • Mark Morrisroe - A portfolio of ten photogravure prints. Co-published by Pat Heam Gallery, NYC and Renaissance Press
  • Dove Bradshaw - A set of two photogravure prints. Co-published by Evans Editions, NYC and Renaissance Press
  • Juan Sanchez - Multi plate direct transfer photogravure with laser xerox transfer chine colle
  • Yvonne Jacquette - Direct transfer photogravure with selective chine colle
  • Linda Connor - Crocodile, Egypt - A photogravure. Co-published by the Rhode Island School of Design Printmaking Department and Renaissance Press

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