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For those of you that have been struggling with matching your prints to your monitor I have information that might surprise you.  It is impossible.   If you were to carry your monitor with you it would not match itself under even slightly different lighting situations.  Most calibrated viewing boxes do not remotely resemble gallery, museum, home, or any other type of real world lighting.  They might work for reproductionists but not for making art.  You should have the ability to “approximate” what is seen on the monitor and strive to make the final prints much more beautiful. 

 I began using the inkjet film system I developed over ten years ago.  The system incorporates Quad Tone Rip (QTR), a dedicated set of black and white Piezography inks and Curve Calculator 3 (CC3).   This process works for all contact print processes. It takes into account the photographers equipment, paper, chemistry and environment.   Canned profiles can not do this.  Nothing is hidden or proprietary.  There are no “Master” profiles.  There are simply the profiles I teach you to make.  The profiles are yours to share with anyone you please. 

If you are frustrated and have been struggling with making prints from digital negatives you might consider taking a workshop.  Freshman I taught at RISD who had never made a print learned this process quickly.

Renaissance Press Workshops comprehensively cover the technique of making beautiful inkjet negatives and positives. The information is delivered clearly and concisely.  Detailed handouts accompany all workshops.

Comprehensive post workshop assistance is readily available.  



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