Renaissance Press Photogravure

Platinum and Palladium Printing with Glycerin Development and Mercury Toning with Adreinne Lundgren, Senior Photograph Conservator and Cyntia Karnes, Senior Paper Conservator from the Library of Congress

In 2014 The Library of Congress will be hosting a symposium on platinum and palladium printing.  In preparation for the symposium Senior Photograph Conservator Adrienne Lundgren and Senior Paper Conservator Cyntia Karnes spent three days in the darkroom here testing their theories and research.  Using both analog and digital negatives, they experimented with a variety of papers, pure platinum, platinum and palladium combinations, glycerin development, mercury toning, and split toning using mercury and the glycerin development process.  They additionally used both room temperature and heated developer in their testing.  They brought a number of papers with them including a vintage Cranes writing paper that printed beautifully with pure platinum.   Neither Cyntia or Adrienne had made a platinum print prior to their three days at Renaissance Press.  Their results were amazing.  They were so excited that it was almost impossible to get them out of the darkroom for fresh air.  A slide show and video’s will be posted soon.


pureplatinum-copyadrienneCourtesy of Adrienne Lundgren and The Library of Congress Conservation Division