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Renaissance Press is known for innovative research and practice in a variety of photographic and printmaking processes.  Internships and research assistanships are offerred year round to indivuduals of Junior year (or equilivant) standing and above.  Interns participate in the day to day functioning of the atelier and work alongside Paul Taylor, a master printmaker with over thirty years experience as an artist, researcher, and teacher.   Internships and assistanships are intensive, exploratory, and rigorous.  Interns and assistants acquire skill and knowledge through training and by assisting with the daily operations of the studio.  Intern responsibilities may include assisting with :

  • Workshops
  • Visiting Artists
  • Research and Experimentation
  • Photopolymer platemaking and printing
  • Platinum / palladium printing
  • Photogravure plate making and printing
  • Studio upkeep, repair and maintenance

Taylor is committed to the education and training of young artists. The in-depth nature of such training requires a minimum commitment of four to six weeks.   Interns are encouraged to use the facilities for their personal work and will be provided with a reasonable amount of supplies.   

Students of any discipline are invited to apply.  A substantial knowledge of photography or printmaking is essential.

To Apply:

Please send a letter of interest including experience to Paul Taylor.  Please enter “Internship” in the subject line. 

Internship Review



Contact Information

Paul Taylor
Ashuelot, NH 03441
tel. (603) 657-6057

Please note:  Due to problems with telemarketers if your phone is not attached to a recognized name or phone number your call may not be answered.  Please leave a message if we do not answer!